Every luxurious thread of our cashmere products originates on the ancient, vast, and green steppes of Mongolia, where nomadic families use ancient knowledge to herd goats using organic and sustainable livestock practices.


Mongolian cashmere is renowned for its warmth, softness, and strength and is ideally suited to serve as the fabric of choice for your pet’s needs. Synthetic fibers or even lower tiers of wool may have their place, but nothing will compete with the unique look and feel of Bucky Madison’s Mongolian cashmere products.

Little She Goat…because who deserves to feel loved more than those who give us unconditional love!


Little She Goat...where style meets comfort, coziness and function! 


Soft for the pup and perfect to cuddle.


All sweaters come with a convenient slit for the dog’s harness and leash clips so no need to struggle taking leashes on and off or adjusting harnesses.