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About Our Sweaters


Keep your fur baby wrapped in warmth and love with a Little She Goat sweater. All sweaters are luxurious, organic, and sustainably produced cashmere in Mongolia. These sweaters not only benefit our four legged babies, but they also help their humans by supporting small local businesses and farmers. The material is so soft it gives a sense of security and comfort, also it eases anxiety. It not only keeps dogs warm but also loved…plus they look great in it too!

Care Instructions


Fill your basin with cold water, and add a mild detergent such as Woolite, baby shampoo, or dish soap. Let your cashmere soak in the basin for five minutes, before rinsing thoroughly. Take out your clothing and fold it up into a ball to get the excess water out. Don’t wring your cashmere, which can stretch out the delicate material. Place your clothing flat on a towel, and roll it up to remove any remaining water. Lay your clothing on a drying rack. If you don’t own a drying rack, place it between two towels to dry